No Secrets Left

Personal News. April 2015.

I have been making a rape allegation against 3 men since 1987. Unfortunately for everyone, around 2000, a decision was made to ignore these confidences and protect people within the authorities. Following advice from the police in 2002 that they didn’t intend to pursue the allegation, and a death threat from a member of the health service, I withdrew the allegation in 2003 in order to try and protect my late mother, who was at that stage terminally ill.

However this too was ignored, and myself, my family and friends were stalked, hacked and harassed for about 9 years, until I finally filed an affidavit about it in 2013. Information about the case seems to have been leaked wholesale by the police or the women’s organisations I contacted, and this has turned the whole thing into a largely male, media war, which I feel powerless to stop.

Following the death threat in 2003 and various attempts to blackmail, frame and incriminate me, I reported the case to a well known conflict resolution organisation, in the belief that this would enable me to position family or friends as go betweens with the police. My main aim at that time was to resolve things whilst my late mother was alive. Instead, I wasn’t permitted any access to anyone who might have acted as an intermediary or granted access to any legal representation during the last years of my mother’s life, and the use of hacking and blackmail became intolerable.

As I have now lost the people I was fighting for, and am trying to support my elderly father, I have withdrawn from any involvement in the case. My health, as well as my family and work life have all been affected. I only mentioned the rape in order to do the right thing and to protect my family as my mother was ill. However it has achieved the exact opposite and I wish I had never mentioned it. Over the years I have tried to have faith that people know what they are doing but now that has completely gone.

I hope nobody would stoop so low as to hack or suppress any part of the sites which are a lifeline for my work, and an outlet for my personal news.

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