Personal News. February 2018.

As a digital immigrant, I didn’t really know much about online safety when I created this site, and my outdoor site in which I used a pseudonym, in 2012. The aims of my outdoor sites were to celebrate the life of my late mother and to remind myself, after her long illness, that beauty and kindness still existed in the world. Naively I thought that is what the internet was for. Because of this, I didn’t know how to react or who to turn to when my sites were targeted by cyberstalkers, malware and organised trolling.

Since my mother passed away in 2009, I have made repeated attempts to refer people to this site for information and news. However, the one thing I am learning is that trolls can’t, or won’t, read. Instead they seem intent on wreaking emotional devastation, and pressured me into disclosing private information on my outdoor site. These experiences have forced me to change my approach to the internet and social media.

I am trying to balance out the positive contribution the internet can make against the immense loss and emotional damage being caused by hackers and trolls, and the lax safety responses from some of the companies involved. As a result, I regret to say that I may lock or restrict some of my sites sometimes. I would be grateful if people could respect the privacy of myself and my family.

Everything else will hopefully carry on with improved productivity in a less toxic environment.

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